Placebo – Battle for the Sun

I was browsing my favorite bit torrent site the other day and found a new cd by one of my most favorite bands ever, placebo.  Anyone from north america will possibly remember a few songs they released in the mid-90’s that gained some popularity out here; Pure Morning and Every me Every you.  The latter of the two was in the movie “Cruel Intentions”.

Placebo, for those of you who don’t remember, is a british band that originally started up in 1994.  They never became terribly popular in north america, but are well known in the UK.  Their latest cd was released a few months ago-ish (not sure of the exact date) and I just found it.  It’s called “Battle for the Sun” and it’s not bad.  It’s a lot more upbeat and positive then any of their other albums.  It sounds more mainstream or pop-ish to me, which isn’t bad, just wasn’t what I was expecting.  Some of the songs, most notibly “devil in the details” and “come undone” I can already tell that I like a lot but others are kind of meh.  It will most definitly be added to my list of cd’s that I rotate through.


This weeks eating

This week I have been very good so far.  I’ve followed my goal of having salad every day for lunch and hopefully can keep it up for the last 2 days of the week.  Over the weekend I went with my parents to Superstore and was lucky enough to get bing cherries on sale, along with a bunch of other fruit.  My lunches have consisted of a big salad, fruit and sometimes yogurt.  I’m trying to just eat fruit for breakfast as well, but it’s rough cause I’m soooo hungry by the time it gets to my first break at work and fruit just doesn’t seem to fill me up. 

Biggest issue right now to eating better, tim hortons right on the walk to work.  Even tho I rarely get coffee and usually just get a tea biscuit or a bagel with cream cheese, I should be saving the $4/day for more important things…the carbs probably don’t help either.

Woo salad!

I haven’t really cooked food all week so far, I’ve been living off of leftovers and easy foods, so when it came to lunch for yesterday all I really had that I could get ready in about 5 minutes was a small bag of salad lettuce and veggies.  I threw together a really nice salad with carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, and red peppers.  My favorite dressing is an asian sesame dressing, and it was sooo good. 

And my payback for eating salad was being really gassy the rest of the day, woo!  >.<  So my goal for this week is to get more salad greens this friday and bring salads for lunch all next week.  I need to find another dressing i like…