Mother’s Day Plans

Mother’s Day is in a week.  Normally our family goes out for a meal, sometimes it’s brunch, sometimes it’s dinner, it really depends on our schedules and when we’re doing my brother’s birthday which is normally the same weekend.  This year is different.  This year is unique.  My brother is not going to be around.  My brother is off to New York City for a bachelor party.  I told him I don’t have to get him a birthday present if he’s not in the country.  He agreed.  Since I’m going to Altona for that weekend (and have even booked monday off so I have a long weekend) I figured I could do something fairly elaborate. 

My Mom was interested in trying the veggie curry I made earlier this week, despite the fact that she doesn’t like spinach.  So I’ve decided to do an indian meal for her mother’s day supper.  Now my parents have very little spice tolerance, which I think will be ok as both curries that I’ve made haven’t been spicy enough for me, but I think they’ll be good enough for them.  This is my menu so far…


Butter Chicken

Veggie Curry (going to skip the spinach and add cauliflower to my veggie curry recipe)

Lentil Daal

Steamed Yogurt with Raspberries (I’m not sure on the dessert part…)

I’m thinking about making a mango chutney of some kind, but I’ve never had chutney before and am not sure about it.  Of course I’ve never made butter chicken or naan before either.  Any other suggestions or ideas are appreciated!