Birthday’s and “oh so yummy but oh so bad for you” food.

It was my birthday on Sunday, which was rather exciting.  My parents were planning on coming over and bringing supper with them instead of us going out like normal.  Things went down a more fun road when it ended up storming all weekend and Mom didn’t have time to make anything.  If they had given me warning the night before I would’ve been able to make something but I didn’t find out till Sunday morning and anything I would’ve made was frozen solid.  We ended up ordering chinese food from the restaurant down the street.  It’s literally a 3 minute walk and is the best chinese food in Winnipeg.  For dessert they bought a Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake, which I’ve been wanting for MONTHS but could never justify the cost.  I’ve still got 3 pieces of cake in the freezer and leftover chinese food in the fridge, including white rice which I’m going to use to make homemade mushroom fried rice tonight for supper.

As far as presents go, I got what I wanted…a really nice Black and Decker food processor with a 10 cup and 3 cup mixing bowls and a blender attachment.  I also got a hand mixer, a stainless steel caddy thingy for the shower, and a $30 gift certificate for  I do already own a blender, but I have limited counter space so it’s going in storage right now and I’ll probably end up selling it on kijiji or at my parents garage sale this summer.  Overall it was a pretty great birthday, I’m content with it.