Cookbook Project

I adore looking at cookbooks and getting inspired by them.  Buying new cookbooks has become somewhat of an addiction…obsession…whatever!  I created a new page listing all my cookbooks by category (you can find it here).  Now I get to keep track of my obsession collection and share it with everyone, won’t that be fun!  The idea to do this was sparked by me realizing that I don’t really USE my cookbooks that much and I should start doing so.  I’ve already started going through all of them and writing down the recipes that I want to try on a sticky note to place inside the book.  (I got the most adorable sticky notes from Chapters made by this company.)  I’ve done about 4 or 5 books so far…only 25-ish to go.


New Recipe Books!

I picked up three new cookbooks today and I’m really excited.  My eating was so good this weekend.  I had a large “Green Monster” everyday this weekend for breakfast with a bowl of flax honey almond kashi cereal.  For lunch it’s been a veggie sammich on toasted, homemade flax/whole wheat bread and vegan mayo with baby carrots.  Supper has been a variety of things and has had some flexibility since it was Easter Weekend.

Anyway…picked up three Cookbooks that I’m excited about.  Food Matters by Mark Bittman, The Accidental Vegan by Devra Gartenstein and Clean Food by Terry Walters.  I’ve barely opened any of them so far, and so I have some nice reading material for the next few days.  Yey! order, yey!!

When I took a look at the other day after getting the $30 gift certificate from my brother I was so overwhelmed by the amount of options I had.  I never buy music and all the dvd’s I wanted were too expensive.  I had to stay within the $30 including shipping since I don’t have a credit card, which made it interesting to find items that I could use the free shipping on.  Since I’m in Canada I wasn’t even eligible for free shipping so I remedied that by getting it shipped to Cos’ place (I knew him living in the states was good for something!).  My original order included vanilla beans, a book, and chocolate super vegetable powder since they have such a huge vegan food section, which has stuff that is difficult to find in Canada, but I decided to stick with books as they’re easier for Cos to pack when he comes out (March!!).

I ended up ordering 2 books.  The first one is a book I’ve been trying to find at Chapters here in Winnipeg since it came out last June, but nobody seems to stock it.  Not having a credit card is a blessing and a curse!  It is “The Vegan Scoop” by Wheeler del Torro.  I don’t even own an ice cream maker (yet) but after reading Hannah’s review on her wonderful blog, “BitterSweet“, I HAD to find a copy and drool all over the pictures.

The other book I ordered is more of a nerdy kitchen book…”Alton Brown’s Gear for your Kitchen“.  I’m honestly not a very big fan of Alton himself, sometimes his mannerisms grate on my nerves, but I absolutly love the wealth of information he has to share about everything kitchen.  Since I’m slightly running out of room in my kitchen (since I have to share it with roommates and got a food processor with multiple attachments this week) I figured it would be nice to have so I can streamline a bit..maybe…if I can bring myself to throw anything out. 

Hopefully these purchases are everything I hope they will be, they shipped today and Cos should have them by next week sometime.