Indian food…yum

I was invited out for supper on Saturday and we ended up going to this East Indian restaurant on Pembina.  It’s called “City Heart: East Indian Cuisine” and it’s a really good buffet.  I hadn’t had Indian food since I was in the UK in 2003 and while the entire restaurant smelled like my apartment 3 days after my roommate finishes cooking, it was very tasty.  I have no idea what any of it was called, but they had a goat dish, lentils, spinach, fresh naan, pickled veggies, curried potatoes, and rice to name a few.  Everything was nice and spicy, and one of the biggest disappointments was that they were out of some stuff (like samosas) and didn’t refill it till we were just about to leave.  We found out later that they had been catering a party for 300 people that evening so the missing dishes were understandable.  One other issue was that their dining room is terribly small and very drafty.  Overall I’d be interested in going again, but might just do take-out next time.