On my Needles

Since I want to post more, I figure I should ease back into it with something relatively easy; a list of what I’m currently working on.

Gauge Swatches for various Sweaters and Cardigans

I finished my gauge swatch for the Rivel Cardigan on the first try using my Filatura Di Crosa Zara Solid in a dark chocolate brown on size 5 neeldes, which is the size listed in the pattern.  I then worked on Breakwater using Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label Fingering Weight in Stormy.  I’ve already completed one project with the blue label, so I know it tends to stretch out a bit after washing.  My first instinct was to use size 5 needles, instead of the size 7 suggested, but went with the size 7’s anyway.  It was very much the wrong gauge after washing and laying flat, something like 18 stitches/4″ and I needed 22 stitches/4″.  So I redid the swatch using size 5 needles and after washing, it’s perfect!  The third swatch I’ve been working on is for a Rocky Coast Cardigan for my mom.  She bought the yarn for it when my parents were out at the end of september to visit, it’s Berroco Ultra Alpaca in a dark teal.  I’m doing the swatch on US size 10.5 needles because that’s what is listed in the pattern and I’ve never used Ultra Alpaca before.  I’ve also never swatched and had to count gauge while knitting in a pattern.

Birthday Presents

My mother’s birthday is on December 1st, and I have one more Snapdragon Flip-top mitten to finish before her birthday present is all done and just needs to be mailed out.  She will be getting these mittens, a keyhole scarf and a toque, all made of Malabrigo Worsted in Natural.

Other things…hibernating, I want to forget about them but don’t have the guts yet to frog them things

I have a shawl that I started in June out of Noro Taiyo which I was in love with, but am getting tired of the purl rows.  I’m not using a pattern with this one, just using the standard increases for a triangle shawl and doing stockinette sections separated with yo, k2tog rows and then a few garter stitch sections to break up the stockinette and add some textural interest.  I want to do a ruffled border on it, but haven’t gotten there yet.  Since Noro Taiyo is a self striping yarn, I wanted to keep it very simple to let the yarn speak for itself.  I also originally wanted to use up the entire skein, which is over 400yds of fingering weight, but I’m currently at 1/2 a skein and don’t think I have the patience to go on.  When I picked it up again in August I finished a stockinette section and was going to do one more garter stitch section then do the ruffle border.

Another project that I’m about half-done is a shrug.  One sleeve is completely done and the other sleeve is about halfway up my forearm.  I will need to buy more of the yarn if I want to finish it but it has to be ordered online and we don’t really have the money for it right now, which is why I’m thinking about frogging it and using the yarn for something smaller.


It’s been about +5 and rainy here in bc for the last week, so I’ve got projects I really want to cast on that I don’t think will take that long to actually knit up.  I want to make another pair or two of fingerless gloves for me and a cowl.  Fall definitely is knitting season!


Tanis Fiber Arts Blog Giveaway

So I know I don’t post all that often, but I really want to start up again. Due to school and living with my boyfriend’s parents, I don’t really cook anymore, so it will be focused on my knitting and probably some about schoolwork.

So, in the knitting stream of things, one of my favorite independant Canadian dyer’s ever, currently has a giveaway on her blog. Go here: http://tanisfiberarts.blogspot.com/2011/10/giveaway.html and enter if you knit! Her colourways are absolutely amazing, and all her yarn is so soft.