My somewhat green thumb

This winter was quite odd for me in general, I was working at a bookstore part time and found myself taking up interest in hobbies that I never had before.  One of these interests has actually become something that I can handle…plants!  I’ve been reading quite a bit about growing herbs indoors as I love to use fresh herbs when I cook and since I live in an apartment, I don’t have any kind of outdoor space I can use.

About 6 weeks ago I went to wal-mart and decided that I had the money to get some plants and supplies.  I picked up some potting soil and cactus soil, and three plants: a moses in the cradle, an english ivy and some kind of cactus.  I transplanted all three as soon as I got them home as they were all horribly root bound, the cactus was the worst. 

I didn’t know much about the moses in the cradle, and it wasn’t in any of the books I had at home from work so I went online and tried to find some information about it.  The information I found was interesting, you’re basically supposed to treat it as a succulent, water it sparingly and give it lots and lots of sun.  The bloody thing is growing like a weed!  It’s gained probably about 3-4 inches of height and probably 10 new leaves.  The purple colour on the underside of the leaves isn’t as dark on the new leaves as it is on the old ones, and it just leeeeeans towards the sun as much as possible.  I transplanted it to a much larger pot the other day and it still seems to be doing well, although I need to find a new place for it, I put my air conditioner in and it blocks most of the sun.  Once my current roommate moves out and I can actually put stuff outside of my bedroom it’ll be easier as my apartment gets a ton of light.  I can’t wait!