News, News, News!

This weekend was surprisingly busy and dull at the same time.  I’m SO happy my previous roommates moved out this weekend, no more having to use draino on the tub every two weeks and no more having to worry about smoking in the bedroom!  Saturday morning was spent cleaning out the now empty bedroom and the bathroom.  The floors in the whole apartment were also cleaned as well as some of the walls in the kitchen where the garbage cans stand.  I’ve been advertising for a new roommate since January, and so far nobody has signed a lease or anything which has been frustrating and confusing.  It’s a great apartment in a really good area and the price I’ve been asking is pretty standard.  I had someone email me last week and he came to look yesterday.  He’s coming to sign papers and give the damage deposit on Tuesday!  It’s also kind of nice that he’s not moving in till April 1st, gives me some time by myself and for the room to finish airing out.  I can still smell cigarette smoke in there, but he said it was pretty faint.  This is such a big relief, I’ve been so worried about it.  While I can technically afford the apartment on my own, it’s a financial strain that I’d rather not have right now. 

This upcoming weekend is going to be fairly busy.  It’s my dad’s birthday on Sunday so I’m going out to Altona for most of the weekend.  I also need to purchase a bread machine as my hand-me-down from my Mom has stopped working, which makes me sad.  Granted it was about 12 years old and I was kind of surprised it was still working, it stopped baking loaves all the way through and wasn’t kneading enough anymore.  I haven’t really decided yet which brand/model I’ll be going for and am open for suggestions if anyone has any!  I make mostly whole wheat or whole grain loaves so a machine with a strong motor is a must.

The last bit of news that I have is that I’ve decided that it’s best for me to bite the bullet and go back to school.  I’ve been kind of wanting to go to Red River Community College for a number of years for web design or IT, but I can’t afford to go to school during the hours they do their schedule.  My choices really are to go to University of Winnipeg and take either morning classes and work 2pm-10pm at IG or take evening classes and work a 7:30-3:30 at IG.  This way I continue to have full time employment and can take the classes I want.  U of W doesn’t have a web design or programming degree, which is ok.  I’ve decided to do a 4- year business degree  with a focus in Human Resources as I figure that will get me a job later on and will also be something that IG can support if I ever become a perminent IG employee.  It’s gotten to the point where I NEED to go to school if I ever want a job I enjoy.  Nobody in Winnipeg, except Shaw, is hiring technical support right now, and I really don’t want to stay on the phones for the rest of forever.  This gives me options later on and I need to just buckle down and do it.  I’ve emailed a recruiter and am just waiting for a response!  Fingers crossed I will be accepted and be able to get a student loan.