order, yey!!

When I took a look at the other day after getting the $30 gift certificate from my brother I was so overwhelmed by the amount of options I had.  I never buy music and all the dvd’s I wanted were too expensive.  I had to stay within the $30 including shipping since I don’t have a credit card, which made it interesting to find items that I could use the free shipping on.  Since I’m in Canada I wasn’t even eligible for free shipping so I remedied that by getting it shipped to Cos’ place (I knew him living in the states was good for something!).  My original order included vanilla beans, a book, and chocolate super vegetable powder since they have such a huge vegan food section, which has stuff that is difficult to find in Canada, but I decided to stick with books as they’re easier for Cos to pack when he comes out (March!!).

I ended up ordering 2 books.  The first one is a book I’ve been trying to find at Chapters here in Winnipeg since it came out last June, but nobody seems to stock it.  Not having a credit card is a blessing and a curse!  It is “The Vegan Scoop” by Wheeler del Torro.  I don’t even own an ice cream maker (yet) but after reading Hannah’s review on her wonderful blog, “BitterSweet“, I HAD to find a copy and drool all over the pictures.

The other book I ordered is more of a nerdy kitchen book…”Alton Brown’s Gear for your Kitchen“.  I’m honestly not a very big fan of Alton himself, sometimes his mannerisms grate on my nerves, but I absolutly love the wealth of information he has to share about everything kitchen.  Since I’m slightly running out of room in my kitchen (since I have to share it with roommates and got a food processor with multiple attachments this week) I figured it would be nice to have so I can streamline a bit..maybe…if I can bring myself to throw anything out. 

Hopefully these purchases are everything I hope they will be, they shipped today and Cos should have them by next week sometime.