Placebo – Battle for the Sun

I was browsing my favorite bit torrent site the other day and found a new cd by one of my most favorite bands ever, placebo.  Anyone from north america will possibly remember a few songs they released in the mid-90’s that gained some popularity out here; Pure Morning and Every me Every you.  The latter of the two was in the movie “Cruel Intentions”.

Placebo, for those of you who don’t remember, is a british band that originally started up in 1994.  They never became terribly popular in north america, but are well known in the UK.  Their latest cd was released a few months ago-ish (not sure of the exact date) and I just found it.  It’s called “Battle for the Sun” and it’s not bad.  It’s a lot more upbeat and positive then any of their other albums.  It sounds more mainstream or pop-ish to me, which isn’t bad, just wasn’t what I was expecting.  Some of the songs, most notibly “devil in the details” and “come undone” I can already tell that I like a lot but others are kind of meh.  It will most definitly be added to my list of cd’s that I rotate through.