New cookbooks, trip update and more!

I quit my job at Chapters this weekend.  I only did it because they were threatening to fire me unless I worked at least 12 hours a week.  The last thing I did there as an employee is use up the rest of my ithankyou’s, which gave me free books!  I picked up a copy of Anthem by Ayn Rand for Adrian.  It’s his favorite book and he doesn’t have his own copy, I’m hoping we’ll read it together when he’s here.

The other two books were all me, lol.  Whole Grain Breads by Machine or Hand by Beatrice Ojakangas is a really neat book so far, although I will admit I haven’t spent much time reading it yet.  It’s a fairly large book, about 400 pages, and contains various bread recipes with instructions for cooking them in a bread machine, using a stand mixer or just doing it by hand.  In addition to the actual bread recipes, it has a variety of additional spreads, sides, meals you can make with different loaves.  Because I haven’t spent much time with it yet, that’s about all I can say.

The last book I purchased is Vegan Lunch Box Around the World by Jennifer McCann.  I’ve been reading her blog for the last 4-ish months and I honestly never expected to find her latest cookbook in Winnipeg.  I’ve flipped through it and done a more thorough read-through this morning and I’m very excited to try making some of the dishes for my own lunches although most of them will have to wait as I don’t have all the ingredients needed.  I believe that one of the first recipes I’m going to try from the book isthe one for Quinoa Veggies as I have some organic quinoa I purchased but haven’t used yet, or maybe the sour cream scones, or mini veggie burgers, or the caramel dip, or the mini pita bread…there are so many choices and I can’t make up my mind!  I’m really glad I was able to find it and can’t wait to actually start cooking from it.  I think I’ll use this vegan cookbook more then both vegan brunch and vegan with a vengance.

Ok I’m done talking about food now…I think.  Adrian recieved his passport finally and bought his bus ticket!  He will be arriving on September 25th at 8:50am and I have already booked the day off.  He’ll then be staying here untill November 5th.  I’m very excited and slightly nervous.  Hopefully everything goes well and I think I’m mostly ready for his visit, although I do want to do more baking before he gets here.


Preparing for the visit!

There have been some fairly big changes since I last posted…at least I think they’re big…and I don’t care if nobody reads this!  Adrian finally got the money from his aunt that his mother left him before she passed away.  (his aunt was making a big stink about a whole $1370)  We both thought it would be more then it actually was, but he’s making do.  He’s planning on going back to school maybe this spring but there are things that he needs to sort out first. 

Onto the important stuff.  Adrian sent out for his passport just over a week ago now and we’re planning a month long trip for October.  I can’t take any time off work so he’s coming up here.  He was originally going to fly, but a plane ticket is $600 and a bus ticket is only $200 so he’s coming by bus.  The plan is for him to arrive either setember 18th or 25th and stay till about nov 1st or 2nd, but it depends on when he gets his passport back and when they move to the new house his sister bought.  I’m hoping to take the friday he arrives off, so we have a long weekend, and october 13th is technically the last day on my 6 month contract with investors group so I might have the last 2 weeks off by default although I hope I don’t.  

Realizing that my contract is coming due in about 2 months has really pushed me to buying some things I need that I have been putting off.  The item that I’ve been pushing off the longest is a new pair of glasses.  I ordered them on Monday night, practically forced myself to order them through  It takes 5-10 business days to process an order for glasses and then I have 15 days from the invoice date to pay for them, so I should be good.  The frames and lenses cost me a total of $148, which is about half of what they would’ve cost at an actual store, even lensecrafters.  My eyes are very very bad (-10 and -10.25) so my lenses are expensive, plus the frame and everything.  If the glasses don’t work out well, I have 30 days to return or exchange them.  I was also looking at getting a new mattress, but didn’t want to spend $1000 on a new mattress…maybe I’ll ask for one for christmas.

In addition to things I need, I’ve also been stocking up on food for Adrian’s trip.  He eats quite a bit and I have the money and freezer space so I’m buying things now while I can.  So far I’ve turned 5lbs of hamburger into hamburger patties and am going to costco this weekend to get some things.  My plan for costco is to pick up some bulk cereal, condensed tomato and cream of mushroom soups, chicken breasts, steaks, a roast, and bulk mac and cheese, cup noodles, etc.  I’m hoping I can get enough extra easy stuff so Adrian can have lunch when I’m at work without eating too much of the real food.  I’m going to cook off some of the steaks right away and slice them for stir fry and some will be frozen as is or frozen in a marinade so all we have to do is thaw it.  I think I want to make a roast the day he arrives so we have food for the weekend and such.  I also want to have an extra loaf of bread made and some pre-made pizza crusts.  And a lasagna.  Adrian has agreed to make some mexican dishes while he’s here like barbacoa and maybe mole…hoping to talk him into making enchilada’s too.  The goal is to have most of the food sorted out before he gets here to cut down on costs while he’s actually here, hopefully we’ll only need to go get fresh stuff like milk, vegetables, fruit, eggs, etc.