Update :o

So I’ve decided to post again a bit.  I’m starting to feel more like myself, but some days are still rough.  I still haven’t been cooking much for myself, it’s been all quick easy foods or a lot of takeout unfortunatly.  I want to make minestrone this week and found a recipe for curry beef stew which sounds interesting.  I also want to make biscuits to take to work isntead of buying them from Tim Hortons.  I have all this meat in my freezer that I was saving for when Adrian was up here, but since that’s not happening I don’t really have to store it up anymore.  I also haven’t really felt like eating much meat in the last few months.

I’ve been able to register for University courses, but I’m on a waitlist for 3 of them.  One of them is a compulsory course for my degree that I might not be able to take till next semester.  I’ve decided to take introductory french this year to brush up on my french, hopefully it’ll be an easy-ish credit.  Textbook prices are making me cry.  I’ve already bought one, but have more to get.

I still need to go see a doctor, but haven’t.  I dont have a family doctor in Winnipeg and hate going to clincs for serious stuff, but I dont have a choice really.  I don’t know when I’ll have time tho, so we’ll see.  I still have August 20th off so I might go then.

Hopfully I will have a more substantial post soon.



Last week Saturday, the day of my first lengthy bike ride, also marked the day of impending doooooooom.  Substitute doom with sore throat and runny nose that won’t stop and you’ll have a fairly accurate picture of how my week has gone.  Add a sprinkling of “job-that-makes-you-talk-all-day” to that and you have a very cranky Kam. 

My throat was somewhat sore on Saturday after my ride, which I assumed was due to dehydration and possible mild heat stroke.  Saturday night it got worse.  Woke me up a few times too.  Sunday was scratchy throat city, and by the end of my work day on Monday I had all but lost my voice.  Monday was most definitly a rest day.  Tuesday marked the change from a sore throat to a running nose and clogged sinuses.  I love sneezing constantly and sniffling in people’s ears all day, it’s the highlight of my week really.  A girl’s gotta have something to look forward to when it feels like her nose has been replaced with a wide open faucet. 

One thing that I’m questioning is how I got sick.  The only thing that’s changed is the increase in activity, which is apparently supposed to be good for you.  I was feeling fine prior to my bike ride on Saturday.  I’m wondering if I would’ve gotten sick even if I hadn’t gone for the ride, or if it started it?  I also wonder if the increase in exercise has made my lymphatic system go into overdrive and try to KILL ME.  Cos is convinced that my body is rebelling and probably hates me.

Despite the leaky faucet on my face and sandpaper in my throat, I have kept up with the activity this week.  Tuesday and Thursday (yesterday) were Bike days of about 3.5 miles each.  Yesterday was also a 20 minute Yoga and 15 minute Dance cardio workout day.  I’ve also been drinking a ton of tea, mostly ginger lemon or organic throat coat tea I picked up at a local health store.  I love tea.