This weeks eating

This week I have been very good so far.  I’ve followed my goal of having salad every day for lunch and hopefully can keep it up for the last 2 days of the week.  Over the weekend I went with my parents to Superstore and was lucky enough to get bing cherries on sale, along with a bunch of other fruit.  My lunches have consisted of a big salad, fruit and sometimes yogurt.  I’m trying to just eat fruit for breakfast as well, but it’s rough cause I’m soooo hungry by the time it gets to my first break at work and fruit just doesn’t seem to fill me up. 

Biggest issue right now to eating better, tim hortons right on the walk to work.  Even tho I rarely get coffee and usually just get a tea biscuit or a bagel with cream cheese, I should be saving the $4/day for more important things…the carbs probably don’t help either.


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