Changing tastebuds?

I’m in complete shock that my tastes and preferences have changed already.  I’ve been having a green monster every morning for breakfast before leaving the house for not even a week, in addition to eating mostly vegetarian the rest of the day and I think my tastebuds are changing already. 

Yesterday I had a Cadbury Cream Egg for the first time this year (they’re on sale now and I’m cheap!).  I used to be able to down these things one after another…yesterday it was too sweet and made my mouth and teeth feel really icky.  For my lunch wraps this week the first two days I used some leftover chicken from Saturday’s Easter Dinner chicken and I just didn’t really like the texture much.  I left out the chicken today.  I’ve also been really enjoying fresh tomatoes in my sandwhiches/wraps and traditionally I’ve hated fresh tomatoes.  I can’t wait to see what else is going to change.


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