30 day shred…

Is definitly shredding.  I’m talking about this.  The dvd contains 3 20 minute workouts.  One for beginners, intermediate and advanced.  I decided to pick it up after reading a lot about it from oh she glows.  I’ve now done the beginner workout twice, once on Tuesday and last night.  My muscles could definitly feel it yesterday and I’m fairly sore this morning, especially my shoulders and calves. 

I’ve finally decided to start getting off my butt and do something besides changing my diet to try and lose weight.  Because I’m fairly sore today I think I’m going to go for a walk after work and then do some yoga.  This weekend I’m going to my parents place and am hoping to spend some time on their treadmill and with the weights my mom got for christmas.  The boy is being surprisingly encouraging.  He’s never made any comments about my weight besides crying when I mention that the first place I lose weight is in my booty.  Hopefully I can keep it up!


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