Taking the Plunge

I’ve decided to go 100% vegetarian starting now. I’m not going to go completely vegan yet, but might someday. The only bad part of deciding this is that I just bought ground turkey and steaks at costco on Saturday. I think what I’m going to do is finish off the meat that is in the freezer, probably saving most of it for when Cos comes out to visit again since he’s not vegetarian and just not buy any new meat. I will also continue to eat eggs, cheese and yogurt for now, but I haven’t bought regular milk in months. While I have been eating mostly vegetarian for awhile now, I have still been buying meat and that will stop. If you don’t like my decision, that’s ok. It’s a financially sound decision as far as I’m concerned since I already paid for the items and can’t return them. I refuse to throw money away, which is what it would end up being if I threw out all the meat currently in my freezer. I’m comfortable with it, and so should you.


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