Grocery shopping, woo!

I adore grocery shopping.  It’s the one thing where I can, and have to, spend money where it’s flexible on what I get and where I can experiment.  If I want to try something new, I can!  I decided to go grocery shopping last night and get a few things.  I also went to bulk barn, which I also adore, and spent the least amount of money I have ever spent there.  I also went with a grocery list and was fairly good about sticking to it.  It also helps that basically everything I bought was on sale.  The only reason why my superstore total was quite a bit more was because I bought a can opener (finally) and 2 frozen pizzas that were on sale (and tasty).

Bulk Barn

Steel Cut Oats – $1.37

Ground Flax Seed – $0.70

Pumpkin Seeds (roasted, unsalted) – $5.13

Brown Rice – $1.66

Panko Bread Crumbs – $1.63

Total – $10.49


Can opener – $9.00

2x frozen delux pizzas – $10.00

Romaine Lettuce – $1.68

Organic Garlic – $1.49

3x Mangos – $2.64

4x Oranges – $1.46

4x Golden Delicious Apples – $2.26

Tomatoes – $4.69

1lb bag baby carrots – $0.98

Bananas – $1.97

4x Green Peppers – $2.48

2x med bunches Kale – $0.98 each

3 cans black beans – $1.79 each

Whole Wheat tortillas – $3.94

Whole grain Mustard – $2.49

Total – $53.49

This, added to the already stuffed and overflowing vegetable crisper, will feed me for weeks if it all stays good.  The mangos (and avacado’s I bought last week) are fairly underripe, and the bananas are very green so hopefully I’ll remain fruity for awhile.  I have a number of recipes I want to try so I’ll  be posting about those in the next little bit!  (fingers crossed)


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