New cookbooks, trip update and more!

I quit my job at Chapters this weekend.  I only did it because they were threatening to fire me unless I worked at least 12 hours a week.  The last thing I did there as an employee is use up the rest of my ithankyou’s, which gave me free books!  I picked up a copy of Anthem by Ayn Rand for Adrian.  It’s his favorite book and he doesn’t have his own copy, I’m hoping we’ll read it together when he’s here.

The other two books were all me, lol.  Whole Grain Breads by Machine or Hand by Beatrice Ojakangas is a really neat book so far, although I will admit I haven’t spent much time reading it yet.  It’s a fairly large book, about 400 pages, and contains various bread recipes with instructions for cooking them in a bread machine, using a stand mixer or just doing it by hand.  In addition to the actual bread recipes, it has a variety of additional spreads, sides, meals you can make with different loaves.  Because I haven’t spent much time with it yet, that’s about all I can say.

The last book I purchased is Vegan Lunch Box Around the World by Jennifer McCann.  I’ve been reading her blog for the last 4-ish months and I honestly never expected to find her latest cookbook in Winnipeg.  I’ve flipped through it and done a more thorough read-through this morning and I’m very excited to try making some of the dishes for my own lunches although most of them will have to wait as I don’t have all the ingredients needed.  I believe that one of the first recipes I’m going to try from the book isthe one for Quinoa Veggies as I have some organic quinoa I purchased but haven’t used yet, or maybe the sour cream scones, or mini veggie burgers, or the caramel dip, or the mini pita bread…there are so many choices and I can’t make up my mind!  I’m really glad I was able to find it and can’t wait to actually start cooking from it.  I think I’ll use this vegan cookbook more then both vegan brunch and vegan with a vengance.

Ok I’m done talking about food now…I think.  Adrian recieved his passport finally and bought his bus ticket!  He will be arriving on September 25th at 8:50am and I have already booked the day off.  He’ll then be staying here untill November 5th.  I’m very excited and slightly nervous.  Hopefully everything goes well and I think I’m mostly ready for his visit, although I do want to do more baking before he gets here.


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