About Pop/Soda

About 6 months ago I decided to start eating a better and trying to cut out a lot of sugar from my diet.  The first thing to go was pop, iced tea, and any other really sugary drinks.  I’ll be the first to admit that I do still have a coffee (half hot chocolate) from tim hortons at least once a week, but that’s better then what it was.  I’ve mostly been drinking water with crystal light singles (Aspertame is bad I know!!) or tea.  I’ve gotten a lot better about just drinking water at restaurants and water with some lemon is good too.  I was a bad, bad girl today and ordered a dr. pepper with my lunch.  I can’t finish it.  It’s far too sweet and has a funny taste to it, and I’m not liking the burpy-ness that results from the carbonat…ion.  I feel gross and bloated, it’s not much fun.  At least I’ve kicked one bad habit…only about 100 to go, lol. 

Next goal is to cut back on my portion size and try to eat slower.  This includes snacks and meals.  I also need to learn to stop eating when I feel full.  I do need to lose weight, and I haven’t really lost anything but that isn’t exactly the goal…I find if I focus on weight loss as a goal I get very frustrated and start to obsess about it, which doesn’t help.  I also know that I would actually need to start getting off my butt and actually going out and doing stuff.  Adrian and I have both said that if we lived together we wouldnt’ be on the computer nearly as much and would be going out, but that’s not possible right now and I hate doing things beyond going to work by myself.  One of these days I’ll hafta just get over it I guess.


3 thoughts on “About Pop/Soda

  1. King Cosmic Nine says:

    Yeah woman! Too bad i will fight you to the end for my sugary-friend *eats ice cream fast and chugs soda*

  2. tinako says:

    Your post reminds me, I used to drink a can of ginger ale every day at lunch until I overheard someone say, “I can’t drink a can of pop; it’s too much syrup in my stomach.” For me, having a negative image of unhealthy “food” goes a long way towards dampening my interest in it. I no longer wanted that syrupy junk in me, and I kicked the habit instantly.

    Over the years, with the help of negative imagery, I’ve lost interest in greasy food, meat, dairy, and eggs. I also keep positive images of healthy foods, picturing them fighting disease, improving my health, weight and complexion, etc.

    My friend said that the way I talk about food was helping her eat more healthy. It’s all just adjectives.

    You may find that your negative feelings about burpy, oversweet soda pop are something that work well for steering you towards the kind of food you would like to eat, so that you can eat well for your body without feeling deprived, which I think is the key to sticking with a habit.

    I just had a thought. Maybe you could make a list of foods you would prefer to avoid, and come up with a negative adjective for it. For example, greasy french fries, gloppy cheese, starchy white bread/pasta. Whatever turns you off.

  3. […] by tinako on May 31, 2009 A post I read on another blog made me reflect on how I think about good and bad foods.  That is, foods I […]

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